Bitcoin Price Predicted to Explode After 2024 Halving: Up to 10x Gains?
Bitcoin Price Predicted to Explode After 2024 Halving: Up to 10x Gains?

Bitcoin Price Predicted to Explode After 2024 Halving: Up to 10x Gains?

• Bitcoin halving events historically occur ahead of impressive run ups in the bitcoin price.
• ChatGPT predicts a significant increase in the Bitcoin price post-2024 halving, potentially even doubling or tripling the pre-halving price.
• If Bitcoin reaches ChatGPT’s forecast of $60-$90,000, that would mean impressive 2-3x gains from the current price just under $30,000 in just a few years.

What is Bitcoin Halving?

Bitcoin halving events occur roughly every four years to make sure that the bitcoin supply never exceeds its inbuilt limit of 21 million tokens. When the bitcoin blockchain adds its 840,00th block, which is estimated to occur on April 21st 2024, the reward rate for miners is set to half from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC resulting in a halving of the inflation rate of Bitcoin supply.

What Are Experts Predicting For The Price After The 2024 Halving?

Matrixport and Standard Chartered have both predicted that Bitcoin will exceed $100,000 next year after the halving whereas Morgan Creek Capital projected it to rise above $300,000 by 2028 halving.

ChatGPT’s Prediction After The 2024 Halving

ChatGPT suggests there may be an increase in the price after this event given past trends although many other factors can also influence this price too such as regulatory changes and technological advancements. It suggests that post-halving it may reach anywhere between $60k-$90k meaning 2-3x gains from its current value of just under $30k in just a few years time.

Other Predictions for The Future Of Bitcoin

In addition to ChatGPT’s prediction there are many other forecasts that suggest similar results including Matrixport and Standard Chartered who predict bitcoin will exceed $100k next year while Morgan Creek Capital suggest it could reach over $300K by 2028 Halviing event.


The predictions for what will happen with Bitcoin after its next halveng event are positive and show potential for huge growth if these forecasts come true. There are multiple experts predicting these increases so it seems likely we could see some impressive market movements over then coming years if things go according to plan!